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Being accused of robbery is a very serious matter. A robbery conviction will generally deprive you of your freedom and can carry negative consequences far into the future. Aside from the criminal penalties, you could lose a professional license, have difficulty finding future employment, housing rentals, or advanced educational aid. For noncitizens, a robbery conviction could harm your immigration status. 

Fighting back with competent legal representation is a must in these circumstances. At Mottola Uris Law, PLLC, our team of defenders are well-known for the 25 combined years of criminal law experience they bring to clients. That experience includes more than 10 years of conducting jury trials in state and federal courts. All of this can be put at your disposal in challenging the prosecution’s case against you. We can craft a defense strategy based on our own investigation into the evidence as we search for weaknesses and flaws that can be exposed in court.

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Fight Robbery Charges with Strong Advocacy 

Robbery charges are serious and can be complicated with nuances pertaining to physical injury versus “serious physical injury,” your actions in “displaying” a gun or what may look like one, and other factors. You will need a criminal defense lawyer who understands these complications and who knows how to analyze evidence in search of flaws and inconsistencies that can work in your favor. 

Without a strong defender in your corner, you face the possibility of becoming a convicted felon. With so much at risk, we urge you to look to our Brooklyn robbery attorneys who are former prosecutors with proven experience and trial skills. Take advantage of our free case evaluation to learn more about the charges you face and how our team can fiercely advocate for you throughout the criminal justice process. 

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Robbery Charges in New York


Robbery is defined under Article 160 of the New York Penal Code. Under this law, robbery is “forcible stealing.” It occurs when someone “uses or threatens the immediate use of physical force upon another person.” Thus, robbery is considered a violent felony.

Robbery can be charged as:

  • Robbery in the third degree which is a Class D felony;
  • Robbery in the second degree which causes physical injury to an alleged victim, includes the use of a firearm, or includes vehicle theft, and is charged as a Class C felony;
  • Robbery in the first degree which involves serious physical injury to an alleged victim or the use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument and is charged as a Class B felony.

Robbery in the third degree which includes force but without the use of a deadly weapon carries penalties of approximately two or three years in prison with a maximum of up to seven years. 

Robbery in the second degree is punishable by three and one-half up to 15 years in prison.

Robbery in the first degree is punishable by five years up to 25 years in prison. These penalties may be increased for repeat offenders. 

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